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Versele Laga Winter Plus IC 20kg

Versele Laga Winter Plus IC 20kg

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Versele Laga Winter Plus I.C+ is a specialized food for pigeons that includes the Immunity Concept+ diet pellet. This resting mixture has a high barley content (33%) and is enriched with Herba Corn (herb pellet) and Carrot Corn (carrot pellet). Using pellets as a food source has many advantages, including better digestibility, less spillage, and healthier birds that produce more young.

The ingredients in this food include a variety of grains, seeds, and pellets, with the I.C.+ diet pellet making up 4% of the mixture. The analytical constituents show that this food has a balanced nutrient profile, with 11% crude protein, 6.5% crude fat, and 8% crude fiber. In addition, the food contains a range of vitamins and minerals to support pigeon health.

Overall, Versele Laga Winter Plus I.C+ is a high-quality food option for pigeons that provides a balanced diet with added immune support

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