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Versele Laga Trichocure Tablets x40

Versele Laga Trichocure Tablets x40

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Versele Laga Trichocure Tablets are a highly effective treatment for Trichomonosis (canker) and Hexamitiasis in Pigeons. These tablets are specifically designed to be a one-time treatment, with a delayed release mechanism for a longer-lasting effect. This unique feature provides longer-lasting protection and does not cause vomiting or any harmful effects on the bird's condition.

To use, simply administer one tablet directly into the pigeon's beak following feeding. In severe cases, repeat the treatment two days later. If necessary, repeat again after one week. Additionally, it is recommended to give one tablet of Trichocure per pigeon directly into the beak following feeding after a race with a prolonged stay in the baskets, after purchase, during the racing season every fortnight, and during weaning of the nestlings.

Overall, Versele Laga Trichocure Tablets are a reliable and effective solution for treating Trichomonosis and Hexamitias

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