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Versele Laga Tea 300g

Versele Laga Tea 300g

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Versele Laga Oropharma Colombine Tea is a carefully crafted herbal tea designed to optimize the health of your pigeons. This dietary supplement purifies the blood, relieves the liver, and promotes digestion for a healthy gut. Additionally, Colombine Tea increases resistance, promotes down moult, and brings your pigeons into good general condition.

Containing 15 herbs with special characteristics, the active components of the selected parts of the plants (flower, leaf, seeds, or roots) work together to benefit your pigeons' health.

To use, simply prepare a fresh Colombine Tea solution every day.

For your convenience, here are the analytical constituents: crude protein 12.9%, crude fat 4.6%, crude ash 7.2%, crude fibre 20.6%, lysine 1,800 mg/kg, methionine 5,600 mg/kg, and sodium 400 mg/kg.

The composition of Colombine Tea includes: Saint John

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