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Versele Laga Superstar Plus I.C. BlackLabel 20kg

Versele Laga Superstar Plus I.C. BlackLabel 20kg

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Versele Laga Superstar Plus I.C.+ Black Label is a complete and nutritious food for pigeons, enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ racing pellet. This widower mixture is made with small French Cribs maize and the racing pellet ensures the ideal fat content. You can combine it with Gerry Plus I.C.+ for optimal results.

Here are the analytical constituents of the product: Crude protein 14%, Crude fat 8%, Crude fibre 6%, Crude ash 3%, Carbohydrates 57%, Calcium 0.15%, Phosphorus 0.32%, Sodium 0.03%, Lysine 0.6%, Methionine 0.34%, Cystine 0.25%, Threonine 0.48%, and Tryptophan 0.15%.

The composition of the product includes Red maize 11%, French cribs maize 10%, Small French cribs maize 16%, Toasted soya

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