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Versele Laga Super Winner 20kg

Versele Laga Super Winner 20kg

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Introducing Versele Laga Traditional Premium Super Winner, the perfect sports mixture for racing pigeons. This high-quality blend is low in protein and features red and small yellow cribs maize for a varied and easily digestible meal. It's an ideal choice for the start of the week to keep your pigeons in training and help them maintain their energy levels.

As the week progresses, this mixture can be used to feed your racing pigeons in the middle of the week. It ensures that they get enough energy while still training well. Once your pigeons are training enough around the loft, they can be fed sufficiently.

The composition of this premium sports mixture includes red maize (10%), small cribs maize (15%), mung beans (3%), yellow dari (25%), red dari (8%), safflower (14%), peeled barley (2%), paddy rice (10%), peeled rice (6%), peeled oats (2%), sunflower hearts (2%), canary seed (1

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