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Versele Laga Super Power Widowhood 25kg

Versele Laga Super Power Widowhood 25kg

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Introducing Versele Laga Petite France Special, a high-quality and varied widowhood mixture that is perfect for recharging your bird's batteries when they arrive home or filling their energy tank before a flight. This mixture contains red and yellow small cribs maize, which provides an ideal fat content in combination with Energy Corn I.C.+.

Depending on the flight distance, the extra feeding can vary between 2 to about 5 days. This mixture is a great way to ensure your bird has the energy they need to perform at their best.

- Red maize 15%
- Small cribs maize 10%
- Toasted soya beans 5%
- Maple peas 4%
- Tares 2%
- Lentils 3%
- Katjang idjoe 2%
- White pigeon wheat 5%
- Yellow dari 13%
- Safflower 12%
- Paddy rice 2%
- Peeled rice 4%
- Peeled oats 5

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