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Versele Laga Super Power Moulting 25kg

Versele Laga Super Power Moulting 25kg

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Introducing Versele Laga Traditional Super Power Moulting - the perfect high-quality and varied mixture for your pet's moulting needs. This unique blend features red and yellow maize, offering the ideal protein content when combined with Success Corn I.C.+.

Our carefully crafted composition includes premium ingredients such as toasted soya beans, maple peas, tares, and lentils, providing your pet with the necessary nutrients for a healthy moulting process. Additionally, our mixture contains black sunflower seeds, hempseed, and thistle seed, offering a range of benefits for your pet's overall health.

Our analytical constituents boast a protein content of 14%, with 7% crude fat, 6% crude fibre, and 2.5% crude ash. With a carbohydrate content of 57.5%, this moulting mixture is the perfect addition to your pet's diet.

Treat your pet to the best with Versele Laga Traditional Super Power Moulting.

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