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Versele Laga Super Power Junior 25kg

Versele Laga Super Power Junior 25kg

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Introducing Versele Laga Traditional Super Power Junior - the high-quality and varied youngster mixture that your furry friend deserves! This specially formulated blend contains red and small yellow cribs maize, toasted soya beans, maple peas, tares, mung beans, and more. Enriched with Success Corn I.C.+ or Energy Corn I.C.+, this junior mixture is the perfect addition to your pet's diet.

Check out the composition of this product - it contains a balanced mix of nutritious ingredients such as red maize, small cribs maize, white pigeon wheat, safflower, and peeled oats. This mixture is also packed with small striped sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, hempseed, and thistle seed to provide your pet with a wholesome meal.

Not only is this mixture delicious, but it also contains essential nutrients that your pet needs to thrive. With a crude protein content of 14.5%, crude fat of 10%, crude fibre of 7.5

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