Versele Laga Succes-Corn I.C. 3kg

Versele Laga Succes-Corn I.C. 3kg

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If you're looking for a complete feed for your racing pigeons, Versele Laga Colombine Success-Corn Plus I.C.+ is the perfect solution. While traditional pigeon mixtures provide a healthy base of grains, pulses, and seeds, they lack important nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, and minerals.

Success-Corn Plus I.C.+ is a prebaked feed that contains only vegetable-based proteins, including leafy vegetables, and is packed with essential vitamins and trace elements. This means it's highly digestible and provides a fully balanced ration when added to your pigeons' traditional grain mixtures.

Analytically, Success-Corn Plus I.C.+ has a crude protein content of 25%, crude fat of 6%, crude fibre of 4%, crude ash of 10%, carbohydrates of 45%, calcium of 1.90%, phosphorus of 0.70%, sodium of 0.20%, lysine of 1.40%,

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