Versele Laga Succes-Corn I.C. 15kg

Versele Laga Succes-Corn I.C. 15kg

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Introducing Versele Laga Colombine Success Corn Plus I.C+, the perfect supplementary mixture to enhance the protein and quality of your bird's seed mixture. This mix is specifically designed for the breeding and moulting period, when increased protein levels are crucial. The proteins in this mix are entirely of vegetable origin, including a variety of leafy vegetables.

To use, simply add Success Corn Plus I.C+ to your bird's grain mixture during the breeding and moulting period.

Here are the analytical constituents you can expect from this product: crude protein (25%), crude fat (6%), crude fibre (4%), crude ash (10%), carbohydrates (45%), calcium (1.90%), phosphorus (0.70%), sodium (0.20%), lysine (1.40%), methionine (0.50%), cystine (0.38%), threonine (0.85%), and tryptophan (0.24%).

The composition of this mix includes soya

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