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Versele Laga Start Plus I.C. 20kg

Versele Laga Start Plus I.C. 20kg

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Versele Laga Start Plus I.C+ is a complete food designed specifically for pigeons, featuring the Immunity Concept+ breeding pellet. With an ideal protein content, this exceptional breeding mixture is enriched with easily digestible breeding pellets, helping to prevent deficiencies that can be caused by traditional mixtures. Start Plus I.C.+ is made up of only 20% maize, which means there is little waste and small peas.

Here are the analytical constituents of Versele Laga Start Plus I.C+:
- Crude protein: 16.5%
- Crude fat: 5.5%
- Crude fibre: 6%
- Crude ash: 3%
- Carbohydrates: 57%
- Calcium: 0.15%
- Phosphorus: 0.35%
- Sodium: 0.03%
- Lysine: 0.85%
- Methionine: 0.31%
- Cystine: 0.

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