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Versele Laga Show Standard With Maize 20kg

Versele Laga Show Standard With Maize 20kg

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Looking for a high-quality feed to keep your show pigeons healthy and thriving? Look no further than Versele Laga Show Standard with Maize. This maintenance mixture is specially designed to meet the needs of all show pigeon breeds, with a balanced blend of cleaned and selected grains and seeds.

For those times when your pigeons require a more intensive feeding regimen, consider supplementing their diet with Colombine Corn Plus I.C.+ pellets. This will help ensure that they get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong.

The composition of Versele Laga Show Standard with Maize includes a variety of high-quality ingredients, including wheat, milo, small extra maize, small green peas, dun peas, white dari, paddy rice, buckwheat, millet white, millet yellow, peeled oats, peeled barley, safflower seed, hempseed, and black sunflower seeds. With this carefully crafted blend, you can be sure that your show pigeons are getting the

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