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Versele Laga Pickstone Red "Tray 5+1" 3.9kg

Versele Laga Pickstone Red "Tray 5+1" 3.9kg

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Versele Laga Colombine Pickstone Red is a hard cake that is packed with trace elements, minerals, and salts that are essential for your pigeons' health. By providing this pickstone, you can keep your pigeons away from potentially harmful fields and have complete control over their diet. This allows you to plan their nutrition accordingly and get the most out of them. Simply place the pickstone at free disposal all year round.

The pickstone's analytical constituents include crude ash at 94.5%, calcium at 23.8%, phosphorus at 0.18%, and sodium at 1.60%. It also contains nutritional additives such as iron, copper, manganese, and zinc. The composition of the pickstone includes marine shells grit, ground oyster shells, redstone, stomach gravel, salt, and phosphate.

Overall, Versele Laga Colombine Pickstone Red is an excellent addition to your pigeon's diet, providing them with essential nutrients while keeping them away

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