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Versele Laga Optimal-Start 25 5kg

Versele Laga Optimal-Start 25 5kg

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Versele Laga Colombine Optimal Start 25 is a high-quality protein supplement designed specifically for breeding and young pigeons. This powder supplement contains 25% protein and is enriched with vitamin E, providing essential nutrients to support healthy growth and development in your birds.

The analytical constituents of this supplement include 25% crude protein, 7% crude fat, 3.5% crude fibre, 7% crude ash, 1.2% calcium, 0.65% phosphorus, 0.15% sodium, 1.2% lysine, and 0.4% methionine. These essential nutrients are carefully balanced to provide optimal nutrition for your birds.

The composition of Versele Laga Colombine Optimal Start 25 includes breadcrumbs, soya meal, soya protein, maize, maize gluten, animal fat, vegetable oil, sugars, canary seed, cardy, white millet, niger seed, hempseed, and sodium bic

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