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Versele Laga Omniform 500ml

Versele Laga Omniform 500ml

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Versele Laga Oropharma Omniphorm is a specially formulated complementary feed for pigeons that contains a blend of water-soluble vitamins and amino acids. This unique blend helps improve the condition of your pigeons, provides maximal energy, and facilitates quick recovery of tired and exhausted birds. Additionally, it promotes endurance and supports the muscles, which is especially important during the racing or breeding season when pigeons have a greater need for these essential nutrients.

To use, simply add 2 bottle tops (10 ml) of Omniform per litre of drinking water or per 0.5 kg of feed. During the racing season, administer the day before basketing, and during the breeding period, give once a week. For optimal results, use in combination with Oropharma Orovital.

The analytical constituents of this product include crude protein (4.79%), crude fat (1.02%), crude ash (0.41%), lysine (3.15 mg/kg), methionine

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