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Versele Laga Omniform 250ml

Versele Laga Omniform 250ml

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Versele Laga Oropharma Omniphorm is a highly effective complementary feed designed specifically for pigeons. This powerful blend of water-soluble vitamins and amino acids is specially formulated to help improve your pigeon's condition, boost their energy levels, and promote quick recovery after a long day of racing or breeding.

In addition to promoting endurance and supporting your pigeon's muscles, Omniphorm is also an excellent source of essential vitamins and nutrients that your pigeon needs to stay healthy and strong. During the racing or breeding season, your pigeon has a greater need for these essential nutrients, making Omniphorm an essential addition to their diet.

To use, simply add 2 bottle tops (10 ml) of Omniphorm to each litre of drinking water or per 0.5 kg of feed. For best results, use the day before basketing during the racing season, and once a week during the breeding period. For even greater effect, use in combination with Oropharma Orovital.

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