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Versele Laga Mutine Plus I.C. 20kg

Versele Laga Mutine Plus I.C. 20kg

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Versele Laga Mutine Plus I.C+ is a complete feed for pigeons that includes the specific Immunity Concept+ moulting pellet. This scientifically balanced moulting mixture guarantees a perfect moult, making it a superior option compared to conventional moulting mixtures that only provide protein. The extruded Plus I.C.+ moulting pellets contain the ideal protein content and additional vitamins and amino acids that are crucial during the moulting season. The amino acids serve as building blocks for new plumage, and the feed strengthens resistance during moulting. This easily digestible feed ensures a good and smooth moult.

The composition of this feed includes red maize, premium cribs maize, small cribs maize, toasted soya beans, dun peas, yellow peas, large green peas, small green peas, tares, mung beans, white pigeon wheat, white dari, red dari, safflower, pigeon barley, paddy rice, small striped sunflower seeds

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