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Versele Laga Master Widowers 20kg

Versele Laga Master Widowers 20kg

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Introducing Versele Laga Master Widowers - the ultimate sport mixture designed to enhance the performance of widowers during the racing season. This premium blend features black maize, a highly successful ingredient that ensures your birds are in top form. Our mixture is carefully crafted with a variety of seeds, making it a well-rounded and balanced feed that your birds will love.

Our ingredients include black maize (10%), bordeaux maize (6%), red maize (6%), french cribs maize (6%), small french cribs maize (6%), maple peas (2%), dun peas (2%), small green peas (4%), tares (2%), katjang idjoe (2%), white pigeon wheat (4%), sudanese white dari (6%), european white dari (4%), milo (4%), safflower (8%), paddy rice (3%), broken rice (2%), peeled oats (5%), small striped sunflower seeds (1%), sunflower hearts (2%), hempseed (

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