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Versele Laga Master Diet Relax/Master Relax 20kg

Versele Laga Master Diet Relax/Master Relax 20kg

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Introducing Versele Laga Master Relax - a premium pigeon feed designed to support the physical health of your feathered friends. With a low protein content, this mix is perfect for keeping pigeons calm during those mid-week lulls without overfeeding them. The addition of 6% black maize, rich in antioxidants, helps to protect their muscles during flight. This varied mixture contains four types of maize, including black, bordeaux, red and small cribs maize, alongside other nutritious ingredients such as tares, lentils, and sunflower hearts. The ideal fat content in combination with Energy Corn I.C.+ makes this the perfect low-protein sports mix for your pigeons.

Black maize 6%, Bordeaux maize 6%, Red maize 6%, Small cribs maize 6%, Small green peas 2%, Tares 2%, Lentils 2%, Mung beans 1%, White pigeon wheat 4%, White dari 10%, Milo 2%, S

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