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Versele Laga Kings Pearls 20kg

Versele Laga Kings Pearls 20kg

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Versele Laga Show Kings Pearls is a premium blend of grains and seeds designed for all show pigeon breeds. Unlike other mixtures, this blend is free of maize and wheat, making it an excellent choice for those with dietary restrictions. Whether you're looking for a maintenance or breeding mixture, Show Kings Pearls has you covered. For those who prefer a mixture with maize, but without wheat, we recommend our Bavarian Pearls blend.

To ensure your pigeons receive the best possible nutrition, we offer Colombine Corn Plus I.C.+ pellets. These pellets can be used to supplement your pigeon's diet and adjust their daily feed to meet specific requirements, such as recovery from illness.

Our Show Kings Pearls blend is made up of 30% small green peas, 20% milo, 20% white dari, 6% safflower seed, 6% vetches, 5% yellow peas, 4% toasted soya beans, 2% peeled

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