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Versele Laga Ideal Bathsalt 1kg

Versele Laga Ideal Bathsalt 1kg

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Introducing Versele Laga Oropharma Ideal Bathsalt - the perfect care product for your pigeons! This orange bath salt is designed to make your birds' feathers supple, relax their muscles, promote down moult, and remove flakes from their skin. By adding Ideal Bathsalt to their bath water, you'll be helping your pigeons maintain the strength and water-resistant function of their plumage, while ensuring they stay healthy and happy.

To use, simply add one tablespoon of Ideal Bathsalt per 10 litres of water. During the winter season, we recommend one bath per week. During the racing season, one or two baths per week are ideal, while two baths a week are recommended during the moulting period. For best results, give your pigeons a free and cold bath in the morning, and make a warm bath obligatory after the race. Freshen the solution after each bath.

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