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Versele Laga Energy Plus I.C. 18kg

Versele Laga Energy Plus I.C. 18kg

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Versele Laga Energy Plus I.C.+ is a complete and delicious food for pigeons that is enriched with the special Immunity Concept+ racing pellet. This highly nutritious mixture has a high fat content and is best given to pigeons during the last days before putting them into the basket. You can combine it with Superstar Plus I.C.+, Champion Plus I.C.+, or Junior Plus I.C.+ for optimal results.

Here are the analytical constituents of this product: crude protein (21.5%), crude fat (24.5%), crude fibre (12%), crude ash (4%), carbohydrates (29%), calcium (0.22%), phosphorus (0.42%), sodium (0.03%), lysine (0.93%), methionine (0.51%), cystine (0.37%), threonine (0.76%), and tryptophan (0.27%).

The composition of Versele Laga Energy Plus I.C.+ includes toasted soya beans (

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