Versele Laga Energy-Corn I.C. 15kg

Versele Laga Energy-Corn I.C. 15kg

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Versele Laga Colombine Energy Corn Plus I.C+ is a high-quality food designed to provide comprehensive support for racing pigeons in hard work. The extruded pellet form increases the fat content of grain mixtures, while the enriched proteins have a high biological value, ensuring optimal use of fat as an energy source.

This food is packed with essential nutrients, including crude protein (19%), crude fat (18%), crude fibre (4%), crude ash (10%), carbohydrates (40%), calcium (1.90%), phosphorus (0.70%), sodium (0.20%), lysine (0.97%), methionine (0.30%), cystine (0.30%), threonine (0.70%), and tryptophan (0.22%).

The composition of this food includes maize flour, soya meal, vegetable oil, carrots (10%), peas, adzuki beans (4%), berries (elderberry and cranberry) (4%), linseed

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