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Versele Laga Digestal 300g

Versele Laga Digestal 300g

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Versele Laga Oropharma Digestal is a dietary supplement that helps restore the natural intestinal flora in pigeons. By using probiotics, it inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and promotes healthy digestion. When pathogenic bacteria become dominant in a pigeon's digestive tract, it can lead to watery droppings and a loss of fluids and electrolytes.

To use, simply mix one measure of Digestal per kilogram of feed and moisten with Oropharma Ferti-Oil or Oropharma Form-Oil-in-1. This supplement is especially helpful in cases of watery diarrhea, such as with youngster disease. For preventative measures, administer two to three times a week after weaning. After a race, use for two days to aid recovery.

The supplement contains 4.56% crude protein, 1.23% crude fat, 12.81% crude ash, 7.03% crude fiber, and 38.4 mg/kg of

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