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Versele Laga Depure Plus I.C. 20kg

Versele Laga Depure Plus I.C. 20kg

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Versele Laga Depure Plus I.C+ is a high-quality pigeon food that contains fresh vegetables and herbs, providing a complete and balanced diet for your feathered friends. With the special Immunity Concept+ diet pellet, this mixture offers a plus value compared to ordinary purification mixtures. Ideal for maintaining your pigeon's weight and improving their overall condition, this food ensures that your birds receive the necessary nutrients they need.

To help you understand the nutritional value of this product, here are the analytical constituents: crude protein (12.5%), crude fat (6.5%), crude fibre (6%), crude ash (3%), carbohydrates (60%), calcium (0.15%), phosphorus (0.30%), sodium (0.03%), lysine (0.40%), methionine (0.30%), cystine (0.22%), threonine (0.37%), and tryptophan (0.14%).

The composition of this food includes a variety of high

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