Versele Laga Breeding and Moulting Olympia 25kg

Versele Laga Breeding and Moulting Olympia 25kg

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Looking for a high-quality breeding and moulting mixture? Look no further than Versele Laga Traditional Breeding & Moulting Olympia. This ideal blend includes red and yellow maize, providing the perfect protein content for your birds during the breeding and moulting period. For even more nutrition, you can add Colombine Success Corn I.C.+ or Colombine Energy Corn I.C.+ depending on the season.

The composition of this mixture includes a range of nutritious ingredients, such as red maize, premium cribs maize, toasted soja beans, maple peas, dun peas, yellow peas, large green peas, tares, white pigeon wheat, yellow dari, red dari, safflower, pigeon barley, broken rice, small striped sunflower seeds, hempseed, yellow millet, brown linseed, and black coleseed.

With a crude protein content of 11.5%, crude fat content of 6%, crude fibre content of 4%, crude ash content of

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