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Versele Laga B-Pure 500g

Versele Laga B-Pure 500g

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Vesele-Laga Oropharma B-Pure is a high-quality dried brewer's yeast that has been enriched with essential vitamins. This dietary supplement is ideal for young animals as it increases their condition and training drive. Brewer's yeast is a valuable food supplement as it contains a high level of essential amino acids, vitamins B, minerals and trace elements.

To use, simply mix one tablespoon of B-Pure with one kilogram of grains that have been pre-treated with Oropharma Form-Oil-in-1 or Oropharma Garlic Oil. This mixture should be given once a week, all year round. It is important to prepare fresh every time.

The analytical constituents of B-Pure are as follows: crude protein 45.4%, crude fat 0.4%, crude ash 6.8%, crude fibre 0.9%, lysine 31,200 mg/kg, methionine 4,900 mg/kg & sodium 1,080 mg/kg

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