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Versele Laga B-Chol 500ml

Versele Laga B-Chol 500ml

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Versele Laga Oropharma B-Chol is a unique blend of sulphuric amino acids, biotin, sorbitol, and vitamin B12 designed to promote plumage growth and moult, increase appetite and metabolism, activate digestion, help liver function, and purify the blood. B-Chol stimulates bile excretion and digestion, making it an excellent choice for use after antibiotic treatment to support liver function. Additionally, the inclusion of Vitamin B12 in B-Chol supports overall metabolism, helping your pigeon develop and maintain a good general condition.

To use B-Chol, simply add 2 bottle tops (10 ml) to each litre of drinking water or per 0.5 kg of feed. During the moulting period, administer B-Chol two days a week. After a course of antibiotics, use B-Chol for five consecutive days. For digestive disorders, use for five consecutive days.

Analytical constituents include crude protein at 3.06%, crude fat

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