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Versele Laga All In One 4kg

Versele Laga All In One 4kg

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Introducing Versele Laga Colombine All-In-One, the ultimate mineral mix for pigeons. This product contains a perfect blend of vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal metabolic function, muscle and bone support. With its complete formula, Colombine All-In-One is the ideal solution for breeding, racing and moulting seasons. It contains clay with detoxification action, vegetables, seeds and everything else that a pigeon needs to thrive.

To use, simply add one teaspoon to the hatchery trough every day during the breeding period. During racing and moulting season, provide it freely in the loft and refresh daily for the best results. For optimal feeding, we recommend combining this All-In-One mixture with Versele-Laga top mixtures.

The product contains 13.5% calcium, 0.35% phosphorus, 0.30% sodium, 0.25% lysine and 0.20% methionine. It is also enriched with various nutritional additives

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