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Verm X Liquid For Racing Pigeons 500ml

Verm X Liquid For Racing Pigeons 500ml

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As a pigeon fancier, you know that intestinal challenges can arise from a variety of sources, including unclean stock lofts and infestation from other birds. To keep your racing pigeons in top condition, it's important to support their immune systems and overall gut health. That's where Verm-X Racing Pigeon formulation comes in.

This specially formulated blend targets intestinal challenges while also providing a boost to the immune system and overall vitality. Made with a carefully selected blend of herbs, Verm-X is an ideal natural solution for pigeon owners who want to take a proactive approach to animal husbandry.

One of the great things about Verm-X is how easy it is to use. The liquid formulation is extremely palatable and can be added to drinking water for just six days a month. Each pack comes with a measuring cap and full feeding instructions, so you can be sure you're using it correctly.

The key ingredients in Verm-X include Galium aparine, capsicum minimum, cinn

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