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Mariman Standard Moulting 25kg

Mariman Standard Moulting 25kg

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Introducing Versele Laga Mariman Standard Moulting Budget - the perfect mix of seeds and legumes to provide your birds with the protein and energy they need during the moulting period. Made with premium quality ingredients, this mix ensures that your birds stay in top condition.

Our Composition includes: Extra French yellow maize (21%), white pigeon barley (19%), white pigeon wheat (18%), yellow peas (13.5%), green peas (7%), milo (9%), white dari (4%), linseed (3%), cardy (2%), dun peas (0.5%), tares (1%), buckwheat (1%), and black rapeseed (1%).

Give your birds the best with Versele Laga Mariman Standard Moulting Budget.

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