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Harkers Loft Treatment 4x1.8kg

Harkers Loft Treatment 4x1.8kg

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Introducing Harkers Loft Treatment - the perfect solution for disinfecting your pigeon loft without harming your birds' feathers. This dry disinfectant is specifically designed to prevent the spread of disease-causing organisms that are commonly found in pigeon droppings. Unlike other disinfectants, Harkers Loft Treatment does not contain lime or chalk, which can dry out your birds' natural oils and damage their plumage.

This highly effective disinfectant is compatible with all systems and can be easily sprinkled around nesting and perching areas. Be sure to pay special attention to damp patches, which are known to be danger areas in pigeon lofts. With its pleasant smell and finely divided powder, Harkers Loft Treatment incorporates a powerful ammonium biocidal agent that effectively neutralizes bacteria.

Containing Benzalkonium Chloride and Eucalyptus Oil, Harkers Loft Treatment is the ultimate solution for keeping your pigeon loft clean and disease-free. So why wait? Order now and give your

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