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Harkers Harkamectin Liquid 6x5ml

Harkers Harkamectin Liquid 6x5ml

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Introducing Harkers Harkamectin Liquid - the ultimate solution for controlling worms, lice, and mites in racing and show pigeons. This single treatment is recommended for use before the racing season begins, and can also be used whenever a problem with worms, mites, or lice arises.

Please note that Harkamectin should not be used on birds less than 8 weeks of age, during the molting period, or during the hatching period. Additionally, it should not be used on pigeons weighing less than 400g.

Each 5ml bottle of Harkamectin is sufficient for 50 birds, and application is easy - simply place two drops per bird onto the skin, under the feathers between the shoulders. With its powerful formula containing 0.35% w/v lvermectin, Harkamectin is the go-to solution for keeping your racing and show pigeons in top condition.

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