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Bucktons Pigeon Breeding Mix 20kg

Bucktons Pigeon Breeding Mix 20kg

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Bucktons Pigeon Breeding Mix is the ultimate choice for pigeon breeders. Our mix is made using only the highest quality ingredients, carefully sourced from reputable growers. We are committed to maintaining cleanliness and consistency throughout our range, ensuring that your pigeons receive the best possible nutrition.

Our mix provides the perfect balance of protein to support healthy breeding, while also helping to maintain figure and strength. We understand the importance of providing your pigeons with the right nutrition, which is why we have carefully selected each ingredient in our mix.

Our mix contains Maple Peas, Wheat, Whole Maize, Red Dari, Tic Beans, White Peas, Safflower, Tares, Blue Peas and White Dari. Each ingredient has been chosen for its nutritional value and taste, ensuring that your pigeons will love every bite.

In terms of analytical constituents, our mix contains 51.8% carbohydrates, 3.7% fat, and 15.9% protein. This

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