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Bucktons High Protein Economy 20kg

Bucktons High Protein Economy 20kg

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Bucktons High Protein Economy is a well-balanced and cost-effective feed that is widely used for a variety of birds. This nutritionally rich food is ideal for feeding large flocks as it contains a range of ingredients that cater to different bird species.

The composition of this feed includes wheat, maize, tic beans, maple peas, blue peas, and tares. These ingredients are carefully selected to provide the necessary nutrients for optimal bird health.

The analytical constituents of Bucktons High Protein Economy are carbohydrates at 56.2%, fat at 2%, and protein at 20.5%. This makes it an excellent source of energy and protein for birds of all types and sizes.

Overall, Bucktons High Protein Economy is an economical and reliable choice for bird feed that provides essential nutrition and satisfies a range of bird species.

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